Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. "Use by" dates and "best before" dates, whats the difference?

A. A "use by" date is a date by which food must be used, it is against the law to sell food that is past it's "use by" date.

A "best before" date is a date food should be used by to ensure it is consumed at the peak of it's quality, however the food can be used after this date.

Q. Is it safe to use the food from dented cans?

A. It's best not to use food from dented cans as the damage to the can may have allowed air to enter the can which will promote the growth of bacteria that can cause food poisoning. 

Q. Why is it so important to wash your hands before preparing food?

A. Washing your hands properly before preparing food is one of the best things you can do to prevent food poisoning as it will remove potentially harmful bacteria from being transferred from your hands to the food you are preparing.

Q. Do microwaves heat food properly?

A. No they don't, when reheating food in the microwave it's a good idea to stir it mid way through so that all the food is heated evenly.

Q. Can Food Safety Systems help my food business to operate within the food laws?

A. Yes, we have many years experience in the food industry including aged care, restaurants, hotels, function catering, running production kitchens, as well as auditing food businesses throughout Australia and Asia to ensure they are operating within the food laws.

Q. What is HACCP?

A. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points, it is a system for ensuring food is received into the business, stored, prepared, and served in a safe manner.